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Progress in infection prevention and control in Italy: a nationwide survey

J Hosp Infect, 77 (1): 52-57, 2011

A national survey was conducted to describe the coverage and characteristics of infection prevention and control (IC) programmes in Italy and to evaluate progress during recent years. All regions, with one small exception, participated and the response rate was 88%. Nearly all 278 respondent public health trusts reported having an IC committee, 80% of the 615 respondent hospitals to have instituted an IC team, and 79% to have an IC nurse. However, when the presence of truly operating IC bodies was considered, the pattern was different: only 27% of IC teams met at least monthly, and variation by region was extremely large [coefficient of variation (CV): 1.06].


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J Hosp Infect, 77 (1): 52-57, 2011



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