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Dossier n. 158/2007 [Abstract] Mediating conflicts in health care systems. The approach of Emilia-Romagna Region


Mediation is one of Alternative Dispute Resolution methods and is theorized and applied mainly for the affective and relational level of the conflict (emotions, needs, experiences) rather than for the rational level (conflict on resources).

Mediation is a well-established process for resolving disagreements in which a neutral, trained third party (the mediator) helps the disputing parties attempt to reach a mutually agreeable, voluntary settlement of their conflict.

The reconstruction of the relationship between the disputing parties can allow also an agreement on the dispute contents.

In 2005 Agenzia Sanitaria Regionale of Emilia-Romagna organized an educational and training program for mediators in healthcare structures: the first two editions were taken in 2005 and 2006; the third is being developed. Also the Hospital of Lecco (Lombardia Region) and the Health Unit of Rovigo (Veneto Region) adhered to this program.

The initiative allowed to listen and mediate between citizens referring to healthcare services and health professionals involved in controversies and disputes.

The volume includes a brief summary of mediation methodology in general and about some specific areas of intervention, the formative course proposed to Emilia-Romagna healthcare professionals, an impact evaluation of the educational and training program elaborated after the two editions, the description of three experimental experiences (Health Units of Modena and Piacenza, Hospital of Lecco).

The Dossier presents also some issues of a meeting organized in Bologna in October 2006, during which the main results of the first two years and future developments were discussed.


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