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Dossier n. 166/2008 [Abstract] Stroke care: comparison of regional health plans


Strong evidence indicates that patients’ outcome(s) can be improved through the implementation of the concept of stroke care, whose cornerstones are: timely referral in a dedicated ward, rapid access to diagnostic imaging as well as a prompt rehabilitation and early supported discharges. Nonetheless, most people fail to receive appropriate care.

Through a descriptive analysis this document examines the relationship between the clinical-organizational model considered as standard in the National Clinical-Organizational Guidance on Stroke Care (Ministry of Health, 2005) and the health plans of the 14 participating Regions with regard to health care organization for patient with stroke.

Comparative analysis highlights the considerably non homogeneous regional organizational models at all stages of care: in most Regions, there are not specific organizational statement for stroke patients and it was not possible to understand the level of implementation of stroke care in local contexts.

Although in almost all regional health plans salient aspects of National Clinical-Organizational Guidance are considered, the variability of path care in the Italian Regions highlights the opportunity to promote a national clinical-organizational audit in order to improve the quality of care for stroke patients in Italy.


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