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Dossier n. 177/2009 [Abstract] Research and development in health technology. Opportunities and problems in partnership between Health Trusts and biomedical enterprise


The development of collaborations between Health Trusts and local industry for research and development in health technology represents a rather new and only recently faced subject in Italy.

The document aims at systematizing this complex issue, presenting also the results of an experimental survey promoted in 2007-2008 by the Regional Healthcare and Social Agency of Emilia-Romagna; the survey investigated some collaborative experiences between Health Trusts and biomedical industries aimed at realizing new technologies to face Health Service’s needs.

The Introduction presents the main regional policies on research and technological innovation implemented from 2004. The actual Social and Healthcare Plan 2008-2010 reinforces the issue, stressing on the importance of “doing research”, professional networks, development of collaborations with industry, Universities and all potential users, and puts forward supportive tools for the Regional Government and for Health Trusts, as the technical infrastructure of the Observatory for innovation and the Region-University Research Program 2007-2009.

Chapter 3 presents a synthesis of the main issues dealt in national and Community laws on patents, that contribute to provide the background for the survey described in the second part of the volume.

An analysis of literature on intellectual property rights, innovative technological process, financing for research and innovation, new models for public-private partnerships is also included (Chapters 2, 4-7). In particular, Chapter 6 and 7 present the theoretical support framework for technological partnerships between Public Administration and industry through models that allow efficacy assessments (according to the approach of the economist Stiglitz) or enable public-private cooperation (according to the Triple Helix Model: integration between Government, public research, industries).

The second part of the document illustrates the results of the survey. A questionnaire on the aspects treated in the first part of the Dossier was elaborated and was submitted in semi-structured interviews to seven firm’s owners (six of the biomedical sector and one research spin off in the ceramic district) and to seven professionals of health organizations involved in well established collaboration with biomedical private industries.

The final Discussion reports the comments from the survey and outlines future development for research and technological innovation.

The bibliographic references reflect the theoretical path followed in the volume.

Finally, the two versions of the questionnaire used for industries and Health Trusts are attached in the Appendix.


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