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Dossier n. 203/2011 [Abstract] Best nursing practise to control infections in Intensive Care Units


The issue of healthcare-associated infections (HCAIs) is becoming more and more important and it is addressed by an increasing number of studies, with the aim to guarantee patient safety and to control multi-drug resistant infections.

HCAIs are a leading cause of dearth in patients in Intensive Care Units (ICUs), increase morbidity as well as health and social financial costs. They are also and important indicator of quality of care.

The present project, aimed at promoting best nursing practices for infection control (IC) in ICUs, was motivated by a regional survey carried out in 2002 in all the Emilia-Romagna ICUs, which showed that IC nursing practice were below the standard thus underling the need of promoting specific intervention actions.



This document represents a tool for implementing IC best nursing practices (built on evidence based medicine and evidence based nursing), and for promoting periodic audits aimed at monitoring the compliance with IC effective practices in ICU patients.



The document was prepared by an ad hoc working group (panel).

To prepare the document the following methodology was used: practice-related pitfalls were analysed; existing guidelines were systematically reviewed and critically appraised; for those topics not supported by strong scientific evidences, but nevertheless perceived as frequent and critical, the panel agreed on specific suggestions and advices.

Great attention was paid to assure that the document’s contents were thoroughly discussed and shared and that the indications given were perceived as feasible and practical in day to day activity. Implementation strategy and tools are discussed in a specific chapter.


Future goals

In order to promote the effective control of infections in ICUs, the panel has identified as a priority the implementation of intervention programs in the ICUs of the Region, based on the practices recommended in the present document and the period evaluation, through specific indicators, of results achieved in terms of compliance with recommended practices. 


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