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Dossier n. 214/2011 [Abstract] Atlas of mortality in Emilia-Romagna. 2008-2009


The publication offers the analysis of mortality data by cause of death in population living in Emilia-Romagna from 2008 to 2009. Mortality is stratified by cause according to ICD-IX international classification for the years before to 2008 and ICD-X international classification for the year 2009, both by general population and by sex. Results are aggregated by Local Health Trust of residence.

The publication open with a chapter completes the analysis to 2008 (see the Dossier collection n. 213) and concludes with an update of infant mortality. The analysis of mortality for 2009 is divided by pathology into 31 chapters structured as follows:

  • summary of the results;
  • time-trend analysis of mortality. The regional (1981-2009) and national (1981-2007) standardized mortality rates are shown in tables and graphics aggregated by sex;
  • comparison among different areas of the region:

    • the absolute number of deaths and proportional mortality for the year 2009, aggregated by Local Health Trust of residence and age group, divided by total population and sex;
    • the absolute number of deaths, crude and standardised rates for the year 2009, divided by Local Health Trust, total population and sex.
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