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Dossier n. 251/2015 [Abstract] Families and multiproblematic families. Methodological approaches and operational paths to face complexity


The publication presents a three-year educational step path and a work developed by some social and health services of the Local Health Trust of Bologna and Municipalities of Bologna Province to review interventions for complex needs expressed by families, in particular by multiproblematic families.

The aim was to find a planning and strategies that are more functional to face multiproblematic groups’ questions, and that can overcome current experiences characterized by frequent failures in intervention programs and care. The path was a research-action to co-build knowledge along with experience. Participants identified some particularly problematic familiar situations; group discussion and confrontation stimulated comments and revisions, allowed to define conceptualizations and to propose work hypotheses, enabled new trends and more adequate work organizations.

The first part of the document proposes some thoughts on interventions by Services to respond to families’ complex needs and to hard and multiproblematic situations.

Services’ difficulties in interaction with their users and in communication among different professionals are then considered, while proposing new ways to read the peculiarities of these families. Through the analysis of the development of some family stories in relation with social and health interventions, modification in work processes and activities are proposed, underlying tools and models that can enable them.

The last chapter presents some projects that can imply operational changes in Services.


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