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Dossier n. 252/2015 [Abstract] Autism spectrum disorders. The regional project for children aged 0-6


This paper presents the path of the “ASD school 0-6 years” Regional Project, delineated within the Regional Programme for integrated care services for people with autism spectrum disorder - PRIA. This program was funded with two specific regional resolutions (n. 318/2008 and n. 1378/2011).

The project is a collaboration between the Mental Health, pathological addictions and health in prisons Service, and the Family policies Service of the Emilia-Romagna Region. The project’s overall objective is the creation of a common language between healthcare and educational institutions on the subject of autism spectrum disorders (ASD) through participatory planning initiatives of theoretical and practical training aimed at teachers and educators, with the creation of provincial working groups.

In the first Chapter the regional Services involved in the ASD Project are presented through the definition of their roles and their responsibilities. Chapter 2 provides an overview of the actors involved in the project in relation to the health and school aspects.

In Chapter 3, the “ASD school 0-6 years” Regional Project is described with the original path which brought to its definition. The results of regional research on the quality of inclusive education of children with ASD are presented in the first part. This research was carried out in the school year 2008-2009 and allowed to highlight the strengths and the areas for potential improvement which are then merged into the regional project. Detailed information on what the PRIA provides for the 0-6 year group, as defined by two specific resolutions, is provided later on. Finally, detailed indications are provided on the different phases of the Regional Project, with reference to the clinical, organizational and managerial aspects which are shared at the regional level and declined in every provincial reality.

Chapter 4 presents the documentation of the regional project by comparing the work done in the different provinces, the data on the project’s monitoring and the examples of documentation produced.

The Appendix sets out the outcomes produced at regional level that are useful in the early stages of child observation in schools and for the definition of the work project.


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