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How to access SirER platform, the Emilia-Romagna Health Research Information System

Img User-Psw Login.pngUsers who have completed the profiling procedure and have been authorized to SirER, access to the platform via the login mask with username and password assigned by the first level help desk (Lepida).


  • For technical support on managing personal credentials, access to the platform or malfunctions, please write to the following help desk e-mail address:
  • For assistance studies, dossiers, forms, procedures or organizational issues, please contact the Secretariats of the Ethics Committees and / or the Research Offices of the Local Health Trusts and Universities:
    • Ethics Committee of Vast Area of North Emilia (CE-AVEN)
    • Ethics Committee of Vast Area of Central Emilia (CE-AVEC)
    • Ethics Committee of Vast Area of Romagna (CEROM)

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