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Registration procedure for non-profiled users on platform of the Emilia-Romagna Health Research Information System (SirER)

In order to register on the SirER platform, external sponsors not affiliated to Regional Health Service (SSR) structures, must follow a specific procedure for the platform census.

Registration procedure

In order to register on the SirER platform, non-profiled user must:

Once the profiling procedure is completed, the external sponsor will receive a notification of the census from the first level help desk (Lepida).

Delegation to the Regional Health Service (SSR) staff

Once registered, the external sponsor can delegate SSR staff to enter clinical trials data on the SirER platform. 

Delegation is possible both for non-profit and for profit studies.

A proxy form is required for each study.

Then, the external sponsor must:

The proxy form will be forwarded to the system administrator of the reference Local Health Trust/IRCCS or University involved in the study in order to activate the profile of the principal investigator (PI) and configure the access as delegate.

Once the delegation procedure is completed, the delegate will be able to proceed with the study upload on the platform.

CROs (Contract Research Organizations) cannot delegate Public Health System internal staff.

Access to platform

Once the registration request email is sent, the user receives a confirmation that the request has been received. Subsequently, the system activates the profiling procedure and, once finished, delivers a confirmation email by which the profiled user will be able to access platform ( with username and password assigned by the first level help desk (Lepida).


  • For technical support for managing personal credentials, access to platform and malfunctions, please write to the following help desk e-mail address:
  • For assistance on studies, dossiers, forms, procedures or organizational issues, please contact the Secretariats of the Ethics Committees or the Research Offices of the Local Health Trusts:
    • Ethics Committee of Vast Area of North Emilia (CE-AVEN)
    • Ethics Committee of Vast Area of Central Emilia (CE-AVEC)
    • Ethics Committee of Vast Area of Romagna (CEROM)

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